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Confused Style of art Geofilters are simple and easy. Select your preferred pre-made filter with your special request of wording. Once your payment is summited, you can expect your complete product within 2 days or less!

"HER B.P" #1

  • How does it appear in snapchat?

    Once you receive your design, head over to to officially summit your design. After you save your Geofilter design, you will select the time, date, and location for where your filter should be discoverable in Snapchat!


    Can I ask a question before purchasing?

    Of course! Shoot us an email with any questions or concerns at


    Can a hashtag be featured on custom filter?
    Unfortunately, no. Snapchat does not allow hashtag features. If attempted, it will follow up as an “error” and will fail to summit your filter. 


    Can I have my very own Geofilter designed?

    You sure can! Email with a particular idea you may have in mind for pricing.

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